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Neil Smith and Chris, studying one
of Chris' Barrios Volumes


Chris has the useful ability to be able to write music down from recordings very accurately. He is becoming known, particularly in the guitar world, for this talent, and an impressive number of his transcriptions have been played by such prestigeous guitarists as Neil Smith, Karin Schaupp, David Caswell (David Caswell on Chris' Cacho Tirao transcriptions) and Philippe Lemaigre.

It goes without saying that this is a very skilled ability to have and the pieces themselves can take several hours of work to write down. However, Chris is aware just how rare this talent is, but yet does not make his work uncompetitive. His rates therefore, while depending on the length and complexity of the piece, are very reasonable, especially when the purchaser would be getting a playable version of a piece that is, one assumes, not in print.

An Interview with Chris by Tim Panting was published in the January 2011 edition of Classical Guitar. You can read the full article here.

"As with all your editions, I find them immediately understandable and playable."

"I am always amazed at your accuracy - you have an extraordinary gift!"

"All your work has given me terrific pleasure."

"I cannot imagine life without Continicio, Adios Nonino or Corralera. I look forward to enjoying many more of your transcriptions."

"[About Corralera] I really like this one and find your transcription excellent."

"I am once again stunned by your extraordinary ability to realize music from recordings. I think that this is a rare gift."

"Dear Chris,

      You are a genius.

Many thanks,


These transcriptions are all taken from recorded performances and are for solo guitar unless otherwise stated. All are unpublished, with the exception of 'The Complete Known Performances' by Agustin Barrios (50+ pieces, all transcribed). They were all previously published by The Barrios Anniversary Edition (no longer available). Now the original works have been incorporated into Mel Bay's Two volume Set 'The Complete Works Of Agustin Barrios Mangore', as edited and compiled by Richard 'Rico' Stover. The Arrangements are published by Lathkill Music Publishers as 'Barrios: The Arrangements' as transcribed by Chris Dumigan.

Title Composer(s) Performer(s)
A Beatles MedleyLennon/McCartneyPaulinho Nogueira
A Christmas CarolGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
A Don Ata (Chacarera)M.A. QuirogaCacho Tirao
A Lost SarabandeStu BlagdenStu Blagden
A Misunderstood Man/Be With Me AlwaysGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
A Promise FulfilledGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
A Tapestry of TearsGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Adios NoninoPiazzollaCacho Tirao
Al Dejar Mus MontanasFaluEduardo Falu
Alfonsina Y El MarRamirezGerald Garcia
All the Days of MayGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Amazing Grace*John Newton and William WalkerStan Ayeroff
An Unknown PieceAlvaro PierriAlvaro Pierri
Ania's DreamGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
April LoveGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Aria Na 4a CordaBachPaulinho Nogueira
Ashokan Farewell*Jay Ungar and Molly MasonStan Ayeroff
Asturias (Leyenda)AlbenizJohn Williams
Bagatelle for 2 GuitarsPrestiIda Presti/Alexandre Lagoya
BallettoManuel PonceJohn Williams
Barrios: The Arrangements (Review)Various (arr. Barrios)Agustin Barrios
Barrios: The Complete Original WorksAgustin BarriosAgustin Barrios
Besame MorenitaDalmarJorge Morel
BlackbirdLennon/McCartneyCacho Tirao
Blackbird*Lennon/McCartneyStan Ayeroff
Blue Moon*Rogers and HartStan Ayeroff
Blue Skies*Irving BerlinStan Ayeroff
Both Sides Now*Joni MitchellStan Ayeroff
CadizAlbinizJohn Williams
Camina De ColoradoE.Sainz de la MazaAlex Garobe
CanariosGaspar SanzJohn Williams
Canciones De Mi Pueblo (Video)Jose Pierri SapereAlvaro Pierri
Can't Find My Way Home*Steve WinwardStan Ayeroff
CanzonettaF.MendelssohnJulian Bream
Carmen FantasiaBizetKaori Muraji
Caro E La Rosa, VillanelleA Falconieri (arr. Blagden)Stu Blagden
CastillaAlan ClareJohn Williams
Choro for Juan FaluStu BlagdenStu Blagden
Choro Pra SukiStu BlagdenStu Blagden
Circle of FriendsGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Como Llora Una EstrellaCarilloOraison
Concerto In DmAlessandro MarcelloGraham Devine
Continicio - ValsMejiasAlirio Diaz
CorraleraAietaCacho Tirao
Crying Out to YouRodrigo RodriguezRodrigo Rodriguez
Daisy ChainGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Danza Espanola No5GranadosJohn Williams
Danza ParaguayaBarriosWilliams
Dorme MarianaTorrecillhaTorrecillha
Dorme MarinaTorrecillhaTorrecillha
Earl of Essex, High Marshall of England, His GalliardDowlandJohn Williams
El ArrieroYupanquiCacho Tirao
El ManiceroSimonErnesto Tamayo
El Pala PalaTrad Argentinian DanceEduardo Falu
ElegyGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Em's TuneGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Epitafios Nos, 2, 3, 4, and 5TheodorakisJohn Williams
Estate*Bruno MartinoStan Ayeroff
Eu Sei Que Vou Te AmarJobim/De MoraesPaulinho Nogueira
Feelin' Bad BluesRy CooderRy Cooder
Fell RunnerGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
For Those Who Bring SunshineGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Forever GoldGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
From the Four WindsGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
GalleguitaPetorossiCacho Tirao
Garoto De IpanemaJobimGraham Devine
Gazebo Tree (Lyrics/Notation/Tab)Kristin HershKristin Hersh
Georgia On My Mind*Carmichael/GorrellStan Ayeroff
Gershwin MedleyGershwinJorge Morel
God Rest Ye Merry GentlemenTrad. (arr. Blagden)Stu Blagden
Going Home (Theme from Local Hero)KnopflerDire Straits
Golden SlumbersLennon/McCartneyStan Ayeroff
I Think It's Going to Rain Today*Randy NewmanStan Ayeroff
In Party MoodJack StracheyStu Blagden
It's Only A Paper Moon*Arlen/Harburg/RoseStan Ayeroff
JolantaEarl KlughEarl Kluigh
KazGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
La Casita De Mis ViejosCobianCacho Tirao
La Cuartelera (Zamba)FaluEduardo Falu
La FiruleteMoresCacho Tirao
La Juan CarrenoAtahualpa YupanquiCarlos Moscardini
La Maja de Goya, TonadillaGranadosJohn Williams
Le ClochardAkkermanJan Akkerman
Light of the WorldGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
LondonGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Londonderry AirTrad (arr Takemitsu)Sharon Isbin
LorenGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Los MareadosCobianCacho Tirao
Lost In the Stars*Weill/AndersonStan Ayeroff
Lute Suite No. 1JS BachJohn Williams
Lute Suite No. 2JS BachJohn Williams
Lute Suite No3 BWV 997BachJohn Williams
Lute Suite No4 BWV 1006aBachJohn Williams
Menuetto from Sonata Op. 78 D894SchubertJulian Bream
Mi Amigo CarlosDominguezJuanjo Dominguez
Milonga de Mis AmoresLaurenzCacho Tirao
Milonga Del Angel (Version 1)PiazzollaOraison
Milonga Del Angel (Version 2)PiazzollaOraison
Milonga En Ay MenorPiazzollaOraison
Milonga SentimentalePianaCacho Tirao
Mona Lisa*Evans/LivingstonStan Ayeroff
Mounsieurs AlmaineBatchelarJohn Williams
My Funny Valentine for 2 guitarsRodgers/Hart (arr Martin Taylor)Martin Taylor
Ne Rendape AjuFlores/GuerreroAntonio Lopez Palacios
'Night' from the Three Cornered HatDe FallaManuel Barrueco
Nostalagias TucamanasYupanquiCacho Tirao
Nunca Tuovo NovioBardiCacho Tirao
One for BillieGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Pajaro CampanaCardosoCacho Tirao
Palomita BlancaAietaCacho Tirao
Paula's PassionGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Pedecito de CieloFrancineCacho Tirao
Pedrolino*Gordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Plas OrielGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Prayer for PhilippaGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Prelude Fugue & Allegro BWV998JS BachJohn Williams
PreludioManuel PonceJohn Williams
Queen Elizabeth, Her GalliardDowlandJohn Williams
Quest for NonsuchGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Rainbow KitesGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
RomancePaganini/PonceAndres Segovia
Sabor A Mi*Alvaro CarilloStan Ayeroff
Sadie in MayGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Samba TristeBaden PowellBaden Powell
Scherzino MexicanoPonceWilliams
Secret ValentineGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Sentimiento GauchoCanaroJuanjo Dominguez
Sharing DaysGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Simply MargaretGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Soledad Y Mi Buenos Aires QueridoGardel LaPeraCacho Tirao
Sonata in Am (K175/L429)D.ScarlattiWilliams
Sonata in C Op15, 1st MovementGiulianiJulian Bream
Sonata in DMateo AlbenizJohn Williams
Sonata in Em (K76/L33)D.ScarlattiBream
Sonata K208 L238D. ScarlattiJulian Bream
Sonata L104 K159D. ScarlattiJulian Bream
Sonata L108 K213D. ScarlattiJulian Bream
Sonata L23 K380D. ScarlattiJulian Bream
Sonata L483 K448D. ScarlattiJulian Bream
Song for GeorgeEric JohnsonEric Johnson
Song Without Words Op19 No6 - Venetian Boat SongMendelssohnJulian Bream
SpringGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Spring Is Here*Rogers/HartStan Ayeroff
Sultans of Swing (from 'Alchemy' Live)KnopflerDire Straits
Sun SongLee RitenourLee Ritenour
SurTrioloCacho Tirao
Sus Ojos Se CerraronGardel LaPeraCacho Tirao
Tailor BirdGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Tears of JoyGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Teignmouth DaysStu BlagdenStu Blagden
The Anna FantasiaGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
The Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch LomondTraditionalDavid Russell
The Dodo's DreamGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
The EntertainerJoplinJohn Williams
The Harmonious BlacksmithHandel/GiulianiJohn Williams
The Kissing GateGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
The Ladies of LichfieldGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
The Last of EnglandGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
The Long Road HomeGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
The Lord's SeatGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
The Nearness of You*Carmichael/WashingtonStan Ayeroff
The Passing of a Queen (Baritone Guitar)Gordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
The Stars Look Down On LindaGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
This Father's LoveGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Tomo Y ObligoGardel LaPeraCacho Tirao
Torra BermejaAlbinizJohn Williams
Triste AusenciaL. Albano ConceicaoL. Albano Conceicao
True Love*Cole PorterStan Ayeroff
Tu OlvidoEspinaCacho Tirao
Vals CriolloLauroWilliams
Vals No. 1Gentil MontanaGentil Montana
Valse Nostalgique No. 1Stu BlagdenStu Blagden
Valses Poeticos (abridged)GranadosJohn Williams
Vivras EternamenteAlicia MaguinaJavier Echecobar
VolverGardel LaPeraCacho Tirao
Wachet AufBachDavid Russell
When I Fall In LoveHeyman/YoungPaulinho Nogueira
When You Are Smiling*Sahy/Fisher/GoodwinStan Ayeroff
Who Knows Where Tomorrow GoesGordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Work*Gordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap
Yesterday/Norwegian WoodLennon/McCartneyJorge Morel
Yo Adoro A Mi MadrePonceJohn Williams
You Are So Beautiful*Preston/FisherStan Ayeroff
You Are Too Beautiful*Rogers/HartStan Ayeroff
Zamba De VargasFaluEduardo Falu
Zambra GranadinaAlbinizWilliams
Works for Voice and Guitar
Algarrobo AlgarrobalEspinosa/PonferradaEduardo Falu
Camino Del IndioYupanquiAtahualpa Yupanqui
CampesinoYupanquiAtahualpa Yupanqui
Cancion Del JangaderoDavalosEduardo Falu
La Caspi CorralFalu/DavalosEduardo Falu
La Lopez PereyraFaluEduardo Falu
La NocheraFaluEduardo Falu
La PobrecitaZambaYupanqui
La Verde RamaFalu/DavalosEduardo Falu
Las GolondrinasFaluFalu/Davolos
ResolanaFalu/DavalosEduardo Falu
Tiempo De PartirFalu/MansillaEduardo Falu
Tonada Del Viejo AmorFalu/DavalosEduardo Falu
Trago De SombraFalu/DavalosEduardo Falu
Vidala De La CoplaFaluFalu/Rodriguez
Vidala Del NombradorFaluFalu/Calvo
Vidala Del PujllayFalu/LunaEduardo Falu
Vidala Del CulampajaFalu/VillafaneEduardo Falu
Zamba De La CandelariaFalu/DavalosEduardo Falu
Works for Other Combinations
Easy Jazz 2 (two guitars and trumpet in Bb)Panteleimon MichaeloudisPanteleimon Michaeloudis
Espanol (two guitars and bass guitarPanteleimon MichaeloudisPanteleimon Michaeloudis
Heroic Deeds (two guitars)Panteleimon MichaeloudisPanteleimon Michaeloudis
Meditaranean Fantasy (guitar, flute and strings)Panteleimon MichaeloudisPanteleimon Michaeloudis
Viva La More (two guitars, 'cello and strings)Panteleimon MichaeloudisPanteleimon Michaeloudis

* Transcriptions of Stan Ayeroff's internet performances during 2020.

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The responsibility regarding the possibility of copyright concerning the piece of transcription is solely the purchasers. Chris Dumigan accepts no liability for doing the transcriptions and it is understood from the outset that it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser, who is absolutely not to sell it on, print it, or otherwise pass on the said work of transcription to anybody else who might profit from its publication or printing.